The Late Shows - 20 May 2023

The Late Shows - 19 May 2023

The Late Shows is a late-night culture crawl for two nights in Newcastle and Gateshead, with the second evening focusing on the area around Gatehead and Newcastle and was able to pay a visit to many of the places that were open for The Late Shows.

Maker Space

Maker Space in Gateshead was my first stop of the second evening and as a member was great to see all the things my fellow members were showing off, I didn't have anything to show off it seemed but when I got there my 3D printer was one of those being shown off to the visitors, so was pleased to have a surprise inclusion! It is always great to see the many things the talented creators had to show off and made for a great first stop!

Orbis Community

Orbis Community next door to Maker Space was my second stop of the second evening and it was interesting to see and hear what was being shown off there with the submissions being used as part of the work both visually and with sound!

Bessie Surtees House

Bessie Surtees House was my third stop of the evening and was over the river in Newcastle and was celebrating over 250 years of the elopement of Bessie Surtees and was a building I had always wanted to know what it was like inside.

Newcastle Castle

Newcastle Castle was my fourth stop and couldn't do a tour around the venues without stopping here and was able to hear some traditional music echoing around the cellar much like it would have echoed around the rooms and halls of the castle in medieval times!

Four Quarters

Four Quarters was the fifth stop and brought me almost right up to date from the ancient castle to retro games with many being played and somewhere I'll come back to again to have a go at some retro games myself!

Newcastle Arts Centre / The Black Swan Venue Bar

Newcastle Arts Centre and The BLack Swan Venue Bar were my fifth and sixth stop of the evening from the arts to buy in the Arts Centre to the moving artwork being displayed made for an interesting couple of stops.

Assembly House

Assembly House was my last stop of the evening and was showing off the work of the Newcastle College University Centre, it was great to see the work on show but the walking around of the past couple of evenings had caught up with me, so made this my last stop of the evening but there was so much to see and look forward to coming along next year to The Late Shows in Newcastle and Gatehead.