The Late Shows - 19 May 2023

The Late Shows - 19 May 2023

The Late Shows is a late-night culture crawl for two nights in Newcastle and Gateshead, with the first evening focusing on the area around Ouseburn and was able to pay a visit to most of the places that were open for The Late Shows.

The Biscuit Factory

The Biscuit Factory was my first stop for The Late Shows where you could experience an evening of Northern Talent including music, literature, theatre and food. It was amazing to see the transformation of the building since the last time I had been there when it was mostly empty and look around the artwork on display, along with paying visit to see some of the artists there.

The NewBridge Project

The NewBridge Project was my second stop and was able to explore the bookshop, gallery and project spaces. I had supported The NewBridge Project years ago on KickStarter and own a piece of art from them so was great to pay them a visit, you could create your own prints as well as admire the work from the talented artists there.

Biscuit Tin Studios

Biscuit Tin Studios was my third stop off on my tour around, where you could create your own artist print, it was great to see a brief glimpse of people creating their own artwork and be inspired by the work of the artists there.

Shieldfield Art Works

Shieldfield Art Works was the fourth place I visited and it was amazing to see the exhibition there as well as look around the wonderful community garden which I had no idea was there and purchased some seeds from there as well as getting myself an ice cream.

Ouseburn Studio

Ouseburn Studio was the fifth place I visited and was hosting the launch of 'Initium' which was acollaboration between Ouseburn florist, Wildflower, and photography duo, The Twins.

Cobalt Studios

Cobalt Studios was my sixth stop and was great to see the Speak Easy pop-up print room with live music and see some of the artist's studios and an amazing co-working space which looked like a fantastic place to work!


Gingerinos was a brief seventh stop which was showcasing some works from local artis as well as providing some very popular pizza that people there were more than happy to wait for!

Northern Print

Northern Print was stop eight, I had been there before at a previous The Late Shows and was amazing to see the printing and artworks then as it was again, was a very popular place but was great to have a quick look around before heading on.

Jim Edwards Studio Gallery

Jim Edwards Studio Gallery was my ninth stop of the evening and it was amazing to see the artwork on display, I really like the style of the artist and was great to sneak a peek at the list of places they had created and pick up my own small version of their art in the form of a card, which was sold to me by the artist themselves!

36 Lime Street

36 Lime Street was my tenth stop and was a venue I had visited before but there were all new artists to see there since my previous visit and saw an amazing variety of things from architecture models to glass work.

Seven Stories

Seven Stories was step eleven and right next door to the previous stop so it was good to have a quick look around before moving on to the next stop.


Bottleworks was my twelve stop of the evening and was great to see them making masks and have a look at the artwork on display before heading to my final stop of the evening.

Hotel Du Vin

Hotel Du Vin was my final stop of the evening where I took my last few photographs and was great to see how many features had been preserved including a wonderful sign that I captured at twilight and ended my tour around the first evening of The Late Shows for 2023.