Microsoft Designer

Microsoft Designer

Microsoft Designer provides the tools to unleash creativity and imagination from ideas without needing to be a professional designer and now delivers this to even more people than before by removing the waitlist and expanded the features of the preview for Microsoft Designer. Microsoft Designer implements AI technology at its core, a subject presented about Microsoft & AI recently and can be seen also on YouTube, that simplifies and assists with the creative process and helps you get started quickly and easily, also the AI features have improved since the original preview adding more capabilities throughout the design experience within Microsoft Designer.

Microsoft Designer - Welcome

Microsoft Designer leverages the latest generative AI technology to allow everyone to get started on new ideas, create unique high-quality images quickly and easily with or without a background in design. Get started by describing an idea then get unique images powered by DALLĀ·E from OpenAI along with accompanying text, images and design suggestions to suit your needs. Writing text in designs is even easier, you can just type something that you want and get headlines to short texts generated along with getting captions or hashtags suggested that align with your design in Microsoft Designer.

Microsoft Designer - Generate

Microsoft Designer also now makes it easier to resize designs for different social media layouts and you can create animated visuals to help your designs stand out with animated backgrounds and text with transitions applied automatically with the help of AI technology within Microsoft Designer. Microsoft Designer is also being integrated into Microsoft Edge and can be accessed from a Designer icon in the sidebar, making Edge the first browser to feature an integrated AI-powered graphic design app so you don't have to leave the page you are on to create a design and without needing to interrupt your workflow when using Microsoft Designer.

Source: Microsoft Designer: Get inspired with new AI features | Microsoft 365 Blog