Overview of 2022

Overview of 2022

2022 was probably my busiest year since back in 2012 when I attended Microsoft Build 2012 in Seattle which was something I celebrated the tenth anniversary of doing in an article about it on Linked In at Microsoft Build 2012 | LinkedIn in May, also May was the first talk I did in 2022 which was another great talk about the Uno Platform for NEBytes which I posted an article about it on LinkedIn at Uno Pomodoro | LinkedIn. May 2022 also marked Microsoft Build 2022 which has been online the past few years and posted about Day One | LinkedIn and Day Two | LinkedIn so it was a late start to the year but that only means that 2023 will be even better with work starting right away!

June was a month for a couple of events that I attended online for DotNetNorth about the Uno Platform by Martin Zikmund | LinkedIn and HaintonDotNet about Raspberry Pi and IoT by John Staveley

Over the Summer of 2022 I started publishing some brand-new tutorials about the Windows App SDK at tutorialr.com/tutorials/winappsdk. I also published a few new workshops about React, Angular and Blazor at tutorialr.com/workshops.

I was also happy to help out at CrimeCon in September 2022, which I also wrote about the entire event at CrimeCon UK - Glasgow – 10th September 2022 | LinkedIn which was a very different event than I've attended before but it was great to help out and help represent the Scottish Murders Podcast, which is a true-crime podcast with more information including where you can subscribe at scottishmurders.com. September 2022 was another opportunity to speak, this time about Modern .NET and WPF with probably the craziest demo which included using Blazor, Razor and Minimal APIs from a WPF application, I also joined fellow speaker Mark Thompson who talked about managing your energy with .NET and Google Cloud and I wrote about the talks on LinkedIn.

October 2022 was a chance to revive Comentsys and launch the website comentsys.com which not only brings every website I've done under the same brand but also published some useful packages for developers on NuGet to use the Fluent Emoji designed by Microsoft in applications using the Windows App SDK and more!

November 2022 was a chance to see another speaker I've seen previously this time for HaintonDotNet which was Simon Painter talking about functional programming at HaintonDotNet - Functional Programming in C# - Simon Painter | LinkedIn. November 2022 was also a special month where I finally got the chance to do something I've always wanted to do which was hold my very first in-person workshop which I've since published at.tutorialr.com/workshops/blazorfy held as part of Tech on the Tyne and organised by Reed, it was an absolute honour to be asked to do that and really enjoyed the experience and everyone there seemed to enjoy it just as much with a wide-range of attendees with different skills and experiences, it was amazing and hopefully will get to do another one in 2023!

December 2022 was marked by attending my only developer conference of the year, but hope to do more in 2023 which was DDD North, which I helped open with an update of my Modern .NET and WPF talk which was really good to do for another audience and I wrote about my experiences that day at DDD North 2022 | LinkedIn. December 2022 also marked a new event in the North East which was A Celebration of North East Creative Tech with Google DevFest | LinkedIn which was really interesting and was great to be able to have got the chance to be able to attend an event during the day, which was well worth attending and my tweet about the write-up for the day was chosen to be the Tweet of the Week in the last Newcastle Tech Digest of 2022 which was a great way to finish off 2022!

So, what's happening in 2023? I'll be republishing my Windows App SDK tutorials online as well as adding even more with my aim to complete 100 tutorials by the end of the year! I'm also planning on writing some content about MAUI and of course Uno Platform so look out for more content coming to tutorialr.com! I'll also be adding talks / presentations to tutorialr.com covering many of the ones I've done before and adding some that weren't originally recorded which hopefully should be of interest! Also, the main thing for 2023, which this article is part of is the launch of the RoguePlanetoid website which will feature articles such as this along with posts too along with new content and some old classic content from my previous articles, websites and blogs! I'm looking forward to doing more in 2023 including publishing more content on comentsys.com, tutorialr.com and even zunepedia.com my project from a couple of years ago will be getting a small fun addition in 2023! I'm also looking forward to doing more with HaintonDotNet, NEBytes and hopefully some other user groups and events around the country and do even more for the community in 2023, and you can read all about everything I do going forward from 2023 right here!